Relativistic Orbits of Matter and Light in the Equatorial Plane of a Schwarzschild Black Hole


This Java software allows you to view and manipulate orbits predicted by Newtonian mechanics and by general relativity. The menu items at the top of the display and the buttons at the bottom are self-explanatory. (For an explanation of rain coordinates, see Exploring Black Holes, page B-4 and the following pages.)

NOTE: Setting the angular momentum limits the available energies; setting both angular momentum and energy limits the initial radii.

The applet above uses Open Source Physics library developed by Dr. Wolfgang Christian et. al. at Davidson College. It's source code is published here under the GNU GPL licence without any guarantee. For the details, please see the text of the licence.

Written by Slavomir Tuleja, Tomas Jezo, Jozef Hanc, and Edwin F. Taylor, November 2002.