How to run SPACETIME?

To run the SPACETIME program, use one of the following methods:

  1. Run it using Java Web Start
  2. Download it and run it directly from your desktop

Running the program using Java Web Start

Java Web Start is a registered trade mark of Sun. It is a method to start Java applications from the Web. The most recent version of the application is loaded automatically, and the content is checked using a signature. If there is no connection to the web, the last downloaded version will be used. Since SPACETIME is improving with each version, this is a nice way of keeping in touch with the development.

Using this method you can even place a shortcut to the program to your desktop and start the program without the need to use the web browser. You can then launch the Java Web Start application just as you would any native application.

Follow these instructions

  1. Install Java, if necessary.
  2. Start Spacetime with the link below. You will be asked to trust the signature. If you don't, the program will not have access to your computer and will not start. If the link does not work at all or asks you to choose a service for the content, update your Java version.


Downloading the program and running it directly from the desktop

If you prefer to run the program offline, you can download it using the link below. After downloading, the program can be run if you double-click the icon of the Spacetime.jar file. This method has a drawback: Your version of the program will not be always the latest. To keep in touch with development, you'll have to check permanently if there's a new version and then download it.

Download Spacetime.jar